GENCOM – Genealogy Research Utilizing Computer Technology

We are a genealogy computer group, and all of our meetings focus on genealogy topics. A distinction of  our group is that we emphasize use of computers in genealogy.  The meetings are informational and the topics are relative to genealogy/and or computer research associated with genealogy research.

Our GENCOM group has a wide mixture of those who are newcomers and experts, both in the use of computers and genealogical   research.  If you are new to computers, or if you are new to genealogy, or both, do not be intimidated about our group. Come to one of our meetings  as a visitor with no obligation to join. Come and be a part of one of the fastest growing hobbies of our time.

Come and join us as we share the skills that we have learned in genealogical research and computer technology. We learn from each other and others learn by each one of us sharing our knowledge.

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Myself, along with 66,5010 other indexers and arbitrators set a new record for the greatest number of indexer and arbitrator participants in a single 24 hour period.  If you have never participated in indexing or arbitrating for FamilySearch you have missed out on one of the most enjoyable aspects of genealogy research.


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Summer Meetings

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June 1 2014 Flyer

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April 2014 Flyer

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Several months ago, I presented a program to our GENCOM group entitled “Can A First Cousin, Once Removed, Return?”, which illustrated how to use a cousin chart to determine relationships of some of your cousins that were “removed”.  Understanding this concept takes time and study. I spent many hours studying how to present this and thought I had it in good shape.  But, I think that I lost many of the people in the group in my presentation.  To redeem myself I am sending this “Family Connection Chart” that I found.  This chart gives a graphic representation of the cousin relationships and is the easiest method I have found to help in understanding this concept.  You can download or copy this jpg file to your computer and then enlarge it to make it easier to read.  This chart can be printed on legal size paper and is much easier to read that letter size paper.

Let me know what you think about it!!!!

Family Connection Chart

Happy ancestor hunting.

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Double HelixGENCOM’s April DNA Special Interest Group meeting has been moved from Wednesday, 16 April 2014 to Monday, 14 April 2014 at 10:00 a.m.  We will meet in Study Room “B” at the back right of the library.  Hope to see you there.

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Web Announcement

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23 Ways To Be a PITA

Jim Jones:

At our GENCOM DNA Special Interest Group meetings, I have been asked several times how to correspond with your matches on your DNA results. On her blog, Roberta Estes lists twenty three ways not to correspond or respond to your matches. Even though she lists the “Do Nots” you can probably pick up many hints about how to properly communicate.

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PITA No, not PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, but PITA – Pain In The Arm….yes….arm…what are you thinking???

For most people, being a PITA doesn’t come naturally….so you might need some help knowing how to be one, or perhaps perfecting your PITA skills.  Yes, in case you’re wondering….my tongue is firmly implanted in my cheek.

For genetic genealogists, there are special ways to be a PITA.  Let me share some of these with you, just so you can fine tune and add to your PITA skills.

First and maybe the best ways to be a PITA, right off the bat.

1. Send e-mails with no subject or punctuation and an indecipherable topic, especially to someone you’ve never communicated with before.  Here’s an example.  You can just copy and paste this and send it to anyone you want to irritate or confuse.

“i would love to have any information you…

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Family Tree DNA Launches New Learning Center

Originally posted on DNAeXplained - Genetic Genealogy:

Ugly light bulb

Family Tree DNA has launched a new Learning Center.  Meant to be much more comprehensive and interactive than their previous FAQs, with everything available in one centralized place, the new Learning Center encompasses a blog, the former FAQs, Webinar information including currently scheduled and archived past Webinars available,  FTDNA’s Forum, a link to group projects, Users Guides, Group Administrator Guides and tools, a glossary, links to scientific papers and more.

Learning center landing

In fact, the site is so comprehensive that there is even a tutorial about how to utilize the Learning Center.

One of the best aspects of the Learning Center is that it’s fully searchable.  Just as a test, and because I’m a skeptic, I typed the word “heteroplasmy” into the search field.  This term, if you’re not familiar, is a relatively obscure term for mitochondrial DNA.  About 2% of the people who take a full sequence test will have a heteroplasmic mutation…

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