GENCOM – Genealogy Research Utilizing Computer Technology

We are a genealogy computer group, and all of our meetings focus on genealogy topics. A distinction of  our group is that we emphasize use of computers in genealogy.  The meetings are informational and the topics are relative to genealogy/and or computer research associated with genealogy research.

Our GENCOM group has a wide mixture of those who are newcomers and experts, both in the use of computers and genealogical   research.  If you are new to computers, or if you are new to genealogy, or both, do not be intimidated about our group. Come to one of our meetings  as a visitor with no obligation to join. Come and be a part of one of the fastest growing hobbies of our time.

Come and join us as we share the skills that we have learned in genealogical research and computer technology. We learn from each other and others learn by each one of us sharing our knowledge.

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