About Us

The History of GENCOM

We are a group of genealogy computer buffs who became aware quite early that the Internet was “The Way of the Future for Genealogy!” At a time when many of the country’s most respected genealogists were wary of this new method of record keeping, we were one of the first groups that organized as a  Genealogy Computer Society. We feel fortunate to have been aboard during that exciting period, watching, and taking advantage of the astronomical development in Genealogical Programs, and all that the Internet now offers researchers!” GENCOM was organized by Patti Bettis in July 1992. GENCOM was organized with the aim of providing a forum for discussion and mutual assistance in the relatively new area of utilizing computers in genealogy. Our purpose is to create, foster, and maintain interest in the responsible use of technology in Genealogical Research. GENCOM takes full advantage of the vast array of new information that is being made available to us on the Internet. Many vital records are being digitized and published. The data you need to prove your ancestry is probably awaiting your search! We invite you to join us at GENCOM and share in this exciting new adventure in Genealogy.